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Wuxi Weite Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Product research and development

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Through the efforts of the research and development team for many years, we have obtained high-tech product honorary titles for multiple products:

● 90MN new short stroke aluminum alloy direct and indirect extrusion press

● Short stroke aluminum extrusion press

● New copper alloy extrusion press

● Direct and indirect single and double action aluminum alloy extrusion press

● Conventional aluminum profile extrusion press with multi choice of tonage

Our company’s research and development team adhere to continued innovation, and apply new technologies to various products. Now, multiple projects are under the research and development:

● Research and development of multi-purpose direct double action extrusion press

● Research and development of direct and indirect short stroke aluminum alloy extrusion press

● Research and development of extrusion stem clamping device

● Research and development of fixed dummy block of extrusion press

● Research and development of mould cooling and heating equipment for extrusion press

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